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The only thing that makes a generic drug exclusive is the cost of the drug and the brand name. Every drug has a chemical name except the brand name is determined by the manufacture for sale purposes. To save money on your instruction you should ask your doctor to prescribe you to the generic drug substitute. If the drug you need to care for your health problems is only available in the brand name version the prescription will specifically be written for the name brand drug.

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There is a chance that you suffer from certain side effects when using Anesthetic. The severity of the side effects will vary depending on the individual but generally the most common side effects are similar for everyone. It’s recommended that if any side effects occur without warning that you seek medical attention immediately. If you believe you might have overdose you should also seek help right away. With all over the counter and prescription drugs there is a risk of side effects or problems occurring when you take the medication, especially if you don’t follow the directions you are given. You should speak with your doctor as soon as you notice any side effects from taking Anesthetic whether they are minor or severe. There is a possibility that taking Anesthetic can cause serious problems for some individuals but most of the common side effects are not as dangerous. Some common side effects from taking Anesthetic include a weight loss or gain, trouble sleeping, and regular headaches. If you end up noticing any severe side effects starting to occur then you should go to a medical center to seek medical attention. If you are noticing some minor side effects you may still want to visit your physician. You may be recommended to lower the dosage of Anesthetic you need to take or get you prescribed on a different drug.